Beolit 20 vs. Beolit 17

Beolit 20 vs. Beolit 17

We have today launched the fourth generation of a modern classic, Beolit 20,which is the successor and an updated version of our popular Bluetooth speaker, Beolit 17. But what is the difference between Beolit 17 and the new Beolit 20? We will below try to clarify the similarities and differences But first, we will outline the similarities.

Both speakers:

  • has Bluetooth 4.2 for wireless streaming
  • is equipped with Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound with True360 audio technology
  • has the ability to wirelessly pair two speakers (same model or with each other) for a full stereo experience = True Wireless
  • is made of luxurious and robust materials such as anodised aluminium, polymer and natural, genuine leather
  • have exactly the same weight and dimensions

So what improvements do you find in the new Beolit 20? Read here.

  • The Beolit 20 has increased battery capacity, which is now 3,200 mAh and has more than 30% improved battery life compared to the Beolit 17 at typical listening volume. It gives Beolit 20 up to 8 hours of play time at typical listening volume on a single charge, and up to 37 hours at low listening levels.
  • With its more powerful new battery, the Beolit 20 is also the first Bang & Olufsen speaker to integrate 5W wireless charging of Qi compatible devices on the top tray Charge your Qi compatible phones and devices with Beolit 20 and its built-in wireless charging station. The elegantly designed top tray makes it possible to charge devices by placing them over the circular “charging” sign in the centre.
  • Beolit 20 is an evolution of an iconic speaker design and a modern approach to the classic Beolit silhouette with a number of design updates:
    • The hole pattern is upgraded in a design with repeated angled lines and spiral-shaped corners for a distinctive and dynamic new look. The hole pattern is also optimized acoustically with 45% air transparency for a clearer and more refined sound.
    • The “top tray” design is updated for discreet integration of wireless Qi charging. At the same time, the height and curvature have been changed to make it easier to load and charge devices on it.
    • Blue and ochre-coloured fabric behind the monocrown aluminium grille creates a unique changing Moiré effect.
    • The user interface has been made more robust by integrating the buttons into the surface of silicone rubber and optimizing functionality by replacing the multifunction button with a Play/Pause button.
    • The strap is upgraded to beautiful vegetable tanned leather from Tärnsjö, one of the world’s finest tanneries. Vegetable tanned leather has unmatched longevity, aesthetic qualities and is beautifully patinated over time.

Recomended Retail Prices:

Buy, view more pictures or read more about our updated powerful portable speaker Beolit 20 right here on our website.

Beolit 20 Grey Mist - Bluetooth højttaler - 640x300

Grey Mist

Beolit 20 Black Anthracite - Bluetooth højttaler - 640x300

Black Anthracite