Meet our salespeople and installers whom you will meet
when you visit us in our stores or have new products delivered for installation.

Bcopenhagen saelger Emil Steen Nielsen - B&O

Emil Steen Nielsen

Sales – Bang & Olufsen Frederiksberg

Emil has been with us from the very beginning when Bang & Olufsen Lyngby, as one of the first dedicated Bang & Olufsen stores, opened its doors in 1999. Emil was trained in the store in Lyngby and is a familiar face to many of our customers. Over 20 years have passed, and this is not least due to Emil’s passion for design and interior design that fits well with Bang & Olufsen’s products. Emil is passionate about showing our customers the quality and design that Bang & Olufsen stands for. He is proud that we in Denmark have one of the world’s strongest brands with a very exciting history dating back to 1925. Emil is a perfectionist and strives to provide the best and most professional advice and to meet the customer’s wishes and expectations.

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Phone: +45 71 999 888

Bcopenhagen saelger Lars Moller - B&O

Lars Møller

Sales – Bang & Olufsen Frederiksberg

Lars is a trained technician, an education he used in the defense as a sergeant. He then started his career as a Bang & Olufsen salesman in Frederiksberg in 1991. He has a great passion for the products and admires the flawless craftsmanship and groundbreaking possibilities. This passion led him to open his own Bang & Olufsen store in Hørsholm in 2002, where he sold the exclusive products in North Zealand until the merger with Bang & Olufsen Lyngby in 2011. Lars has over 30 years of experience in the industry and with his technician education, he knows what he’s talking about. For Lars, the best moment is when everything works as it should and when the customer is pleasantly surprised to experience the products in their own home.

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Phone: +45 71 999 888

Bcopenhagen saelger Mads Ryge - B&O

Mads Ryge

Sales – Bang & Olufsen Frederiksberg

Mads started his B&O career in the store in Frederiksberg, where he started his apprenticeship as a radio dealer at the age of 17. The training took four years with alternating periods at the Radio Dealer School in Ringsted and on the floor in the store on Falkoner Allé. As a graduate radio dealer, Mads got a job as store manager at Bang & Olufsen Lyngby in 2001, after which he returned to the store in Frederiksberg in 2005 as a salesman. After a change of ownership in Frederiksberg in 2007, he started as store manager in Bang & Olufsen Hellerup, where he stayed until May 1, 2015, when he returned to Frederiksberg for the third time in his 20-year career to manage our new and completely renovated store at Falkoner Allé.

Mads is 200% passionate about the brand, the products, his customers and not least his work, which he sees more as a hobby than a job. In other words: Mads is an unstoppable workhorse with B&O blood in his veins.

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Phone: +45 71 999 888

Bcopenhagen saelger Jesper Lendal - B&O

Jesper Lendal

Sales – Bang & Olufsen Vedbæk

Jesper started his B&O career in the Birkerød store back in 2000. In 2014, he switched from Birkerød to Vedbæk when the new showroom opened its doors.

Jesper has a great passion for Bang & Olufsen products and admires the flawless craftsmanship and the unique harmony of innovative technology and elegant design. Jesper loves the contact with customers, whether it’s advice on the right choice of headphones or the complete solution for B&O control of sound and image throughout the home. His overview and attention to detail make him a master of project planning and solutions tailored to the individual customer’s needs.

Jesper loves design and interior design in general, especially that which can harmonize with Bang & Olufsen. Therefore, you can always talk to him about design craftsmanship, design and materials.

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Phone: +45 45 89 11 24

Bcopenhagen saelger Claus Ebe - B&O

Claus Epe

Partner – Bang & Olufsen Vedbæk

Claus is our “Grand Old Man” and founder of the shop in Vedbæk back in 1973. Claus was trained as a Radio/TV technician in the Air Force in 1968, and can even boast of being a trained radar technician in the USA. In civilian life, his career started at Nærum Radio and in 1973 he chose to become self-employed and start Vedbæk Radio and TV.

In the early 80s, the store became an official B&O dealer and from there both the store and Claus have evolved. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, there’s hardly anything Claus can’t tell you about B&O’s many products. Old love never dies, they say – and Claus is still passionate about Bang & Olufsen.

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Phone: +45 45 89 11 24

Bcopenhagen montor Jacob Budde - B&O

Jacob Budde

Installer & Partner – Bang & Olufsen Vedbæk

Jacob grew up in Vedbæk and lives in Vedbæk. He is therefore a familiar face in the cityscape. Back in 1993, he started as a driver in the store and since then it has gone from strength to strength. Today, he is one of the best technical managers in Bang & Olufsen.

“Often the different products hang in several rooms in the house. It’s my job to make sure they work together. That it’s simple. The good stuff is taken care of by others. My job, as the last employee the customer meets, is to provide the service that completes the product. That things work – and that they work together.” – Says Jacob

Jacob is an Apple enthusiast and knows all about these products and their interaction with B&O. He is a specialist in wifi and optimization of wireless networks, and he is generally the man of the house for delivery, installation and service of installations.

Phone: +45 45 89 11 24

Bcopenhagen montor Laurits Birk - B&O

Laurits Birk

Installer – Bang & Olufsen Frederiksberg

On February 1, 2022, Laurits moved from Aarhus to Østerbro to join us as a Bang & Olufsen installer. Before that, he had worked as a traveling fitter for 6 years, building stores, trade fairs and showrooms all over the world. He has set up large trade fairs in Shanghai and Cologne, among others, which required a great overview, but has also had small projects that required additional finesse and immersion. Laurits has what is known as “hands on” and there is not an installation that cannot be solved when Laurits is around.

Laurits is a hard-working young man who is committed, hard-working and prioritizes attention to detail. He is also very detail-oriented and values aesthetics and attention to detail.

Phone: +45 71 999 888

Bcopenhagen marketing Julie Stitz - B&O

Julie Stitz, Marketing

Marketing manager – BCOPENHAGEN

Julie is the female face of our company. Julie comes from the event industry, where she has worked with live marketing for 4 years. She has been responsible for all Google events and conferences in the Nordic region and is therefore used to having many balls in the air. Julie juggles the website, webshop, events, window and store decoration, Facebook, Instagram and much more as if it were a game. She is a perfectionist to her fingertips and takes pride in making sure that even the smallest details that no one notices are there.

Phone: +45 71 999 888

Bcopenhagen indehaver Morten Gyrtrup - B&O

Morten Gyrtrup

Owner & Partner – BCOPENHAGEN

Morten started his career in the industry in 2000, where his energy, flair for quality and great design made him responsible for the Bang & Olufsen department in Fona at Fisketorvet. Just three years after starting as a salesman in Bang & Olufsen Lyngby, Morten became the owner of the store on January 1, 2007. In 2015, Morten took over the Bang & Olufsen store at Falkoner Alle, Frederiksberg, and thus became the owner of Denmark’s oldest Bang & Olufsen store. After a complete renovation of the entire store, in May 2015 he opened the doors to one of Denmark’s largest and most beautiful Bang & Olufsen stores. Over 400 m2 on 2 levels packed with great sound, image and design.

With his many years of experience and a special interest in quality, great design, technology and gadgets, Morten has an incredible knowledge of what is happening in the technological world. His overview and attention to detail make him a master of project planning and individual solutions. So if you need a technical coordinator in your home, Morten is the man to help you. 

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