Beoplay E6 vs Beoplay H5

Beoplay E6 vs. Beoplay H5

We have today launched our newest earphones Beoplay E6, which is the sequel and an improved version of our popular Beoplay H5. But what’s the difference between the Beoplay H5 and the new Beoplay E6 wireless earphones? That we will try to clarify for you here. But first we will outline the similarities:

Both earphones:

  • are in-ear earphones.
  • are wireless.
  • are designed by Jakob Wagner.
  • have microphone and 3 button functions on the cord.
  • have Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound, which can easily be adjusted and adapted to your activity through the Beoplay app.
  • have rechargeable battery with up to 5 hours of playing time.
  • have a dynamic 6.4mm speaker, a small electromagnetic transducer and a Bluetooth chip with DSP, allowing the sound (equalizer and amplifier) to be fine tuned.
  • are perfect for an active daily life in a dust and splash proof design.
  • have a built-in magnet in each earpiece so you can place them around your neck when you take them out of the ears.

What improvements do you get in the new E6 earphones?

  • E6 has integrated ear fins for better fit, which H5 does not have (these can be purchased for 69,- kr.).
  • It is possible to charge the E6 while in use via the new snap-on charger on the cord – the H5 is charged in a charging station.
  • The charger also provides a more even weight distribution with the remote control on the other side.
  • Noise from the cord is significantly reduced in the E6.
  • Both earphones are made of luxurious and robust materials, but the E6 has been enhanced with aluminum buttons and built-in load limiter.

Retail price:

  • Beoplay E6: 299€


Beoplay E6 and Beoplay H5 are both discontinued products – Discover our newest in-ear headphones Beoplay EX.