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It is enchanting to operate the BeoSound Edge. A push in any direction from the center of gravity controls the volume. Scroll it slightly forward to increase the volume or backwards to reduce it. The more you roll it, the more intense the sound experience.

A slight resistance and attenuation make the special scrolling move feel both luxurious and intuitive. The same applies when assembling the product to the wall. You overcome gravity and experience the same magic operation, even when BeoSound Edge is mounted on the wall.

A magic light through aluminum creates a lively and inviting interface that is activated by motion sensors when you approach, and disappear when it is not needed.

At the same time, BeoSound Edge gives you the ultimate freedom in playing music. It’s a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled speaker that allows you to easily stream your favorite music services through AirPlay 2, built-in Chromecast, or Bluetooth.

You can connect to the song playing in other rooms, or play different music in each of the rooms. With all 3 multiroom technologies: AirPlay 2, Chromecast and BeoLink, Bang & Olufsen has made it easy for you to choose how you want to play your music throughout the entire home.


The hard-working sound engineers at Bang & Olufsen have surpassed themselves – again. BeoSound Edge is a high-power wireless all-in-one speaker. It uses the most advanced acoustic innovation to provide you with a powerful and accurate listening experience through our latest patent on the world’s first active bass port. The active bass port combines two classic concepts for speaker design: the so-called pressure chamber design and bass reflex design.

The speaker provides a perfect and powerful bass at high volume by mechanically (and magically) opening the cabinet to broadcast more bass. At the same time, it ensures accurate bass at low volume using the pressure chamber principle to render the reproduction as accurate as possible. Unlike other wireless speakers, the BeoSound Edge can whisper as beautifully as it may roar.

As something new, the BeoSound Edge also has a directional sound control that can be used to split a room by playing music to either left or right or to fill the room with true 360° sound from both sides of the speaker. Directional sound is controlled through the Bang & Olufsen app, where you can easily switch between the different modes. BeoSound Edge is the perfect match for the big open spaces, you find in many of our homes today.

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BeoSound Edge på vægbeslag med 360grader lyd - B&O
BeoSound Edge From all angles - B&O

It’s a dynamic product that has potential and makes you wonder, if it starts to roll somewhere else, like you almost expect it to do”

Designer Michael Anastassiades.


BeoSound Edge is designed by Michael Anastassiades. Michael Anastassiades is a new designer at Bang & Olufsen, and BeoSound Edge is his first creation for B&O. However, he is not new to the industry. He has designed beautiful products from various leading manufacturers such as FLOS and Lobmeyr.

BeoSound Edge’s luxurious simplicity is reflected first and foremost in its minimalist and timeless design. With its name, BeoSound Edge expresses its almost hovering design, inspired by a coin that balances on top. BeoSound indicates the category of the product, which is part of the family of wireless B&O speaker systems.

If you imagine a wheel or a coin that balances on the end and is almost ready to roll away, you have the inspiration behind the BeoSound Edge sound system.


With BeoSound Edge, consisting of a compact, circular shape and a polished aluminum cabinet, less is more. BeoSound Edge can be placed to complement furniture on the floor or as a gravity-challenging statement on the wall.

True craftsmanship requires perseverance, passion and curiosity. BeoSound Edge is a speaker where no materials and crafts were compromised. Remarkable craftsmanship and attention to detail were needed to get the perfect circular frame and then polish this exterior to a flawless finish. True Bang & Olufsen magic is added by combining aluminum to turn on the sound system by contact with translucent aluminum, which is made with invisible microscopic holes.

BeoSound Edge - Materialer og håndværk

“The products always radiate an element of timelessness when observing them, and while technology evolves quickly, they are still relevant and give a contemporary feeling.

Designer Michael Anastassiades.

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