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The Beoplay E6 is made of the best and most robust materials – the personal companion at your fingertips to the confident user who chooses a smart product for an active lifestyle.

  1. The headphone housing is made of robust structured rubber and polymer that is designed to withstand sweat and moisture.
  2. The built-in magnet in each earpiece ensures high user-friendliness and comfort. Place them around your neck when you take them out of your ears. When the magnets are clicked together, the headset turns off automatically.
  3. Not all ears are the same. With E6, there is a selection of ear fins, so you get a more ergonomic and safe fit for your needs. The E6 is the perfect mate on the go.
  4. 3 aluminum control buttons allow easy operation, both when listening to music, answering a call or using the phone’s built-in assistant.
  5. With the long battery life and the ability to charge during use, you can always hear your music – wherever you are.
  6. The wire between the two earpieces is covered with woven fabric inspired by materials used for the production of sneakers – which are durable, easy to clean and look good.


Beoplay E6 delivers a large and rich sound with strong bass – fine tuned by Bang & Olufsen sound engineers. You can adjust the setting yourself and customize your music to your activity through the Beoplay app.

With a sound that far exceeds its size, the E6 is designed to impress even the most demanding music lovers. With a combination of finely tuned acoustics, design and ergonomics, the E6 offers rich first-class Bang and Olufsen Signature Sound with a very strong bass.

The E6 has a dynamic 6.4mm speaker, a small electromagnetic transducer and a Bluetooth chip with DSP, allowing the sound (equalizer and amplifier) to be fine tuned. By ensuring perfect fit and sound setting, the user gets the optimum audio experience with E6.

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Because the sound quality of the earphones is greatly influenced by the way they fit in the ear (poor fit may damage the bass quality), it was crucial to make sure that E6 had a good fit in the ear canal.

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The Beoplay E6 is designed by Jakob Wagner, who also designed the Beoplay E4, E8, H5, H7, H8 and H9.

The E6 is the personal companion at your fingertips to the self-confident user who chooses a smart product for an active lifestyle.

”The sleekly designed outer silhouette gives the E6 a clean, elegant and dynamic look, both when you use them and when you hang them around your neck, held together by its built-in magnets,” says Mads Heje Fuglsang, Design and Concept Manager at Bang & Olufsen.

The woven fabric cord is durable, comfortable and easy to clean. The new snap-on charger provides an even weight distribution with the remote control on the other side. Combined with a splash and dust proof design, the E6 is the perfect design for an active everyday life.


Beoplay E6 is a discontinued product – See our current range of Bang & Olufsen headphones.