Beoplay P6 vs Beolit 17

Beoplay P6 vs Beolit 17

Today we have launched a new member of the Bang & Olufsen Family: Beoplay P6. With the sound and price in mind, we would like to compare this new portable speaker with one of our best-selling products within the same category: Beolit 17. We will try to clarify the similarities and differences of the two speakers for you. We start by outlining the similarities first.

Both speakers:

  • are available in the colors natural and black/stone grey
  • are designed by Cecilie Manz
  • are equipped with Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound and True360-sound technology
  • are made of luxurious and robust materials such as pearl brushed anodized aluminum, polymer and natural genuine leather.
  • are dust- and splash proof.
  • have the ability to wirelessly pair two speakers for a full stereo experience = True Wireless.
  • have Bluetooth 4.2 for wireless streaming.
  • have physical buttons on the product for: turn volume up/down, turn on/off, pair with Bluetooth.
  • are compatible with Beoplay App
  • have a connect-/one-touch button that enables intelligent features through the Beoplay App. Wake up to your favorite songs, start your playlist, or customize your music with a one-touch-connect button through the BeoPlay App.
  • have an intelligent 45 W charger that maximizes the charging speed of your B&O products and other USB-C chargers you use with them.

And where does Beoplay P6 differ from Beolit 17?

  • Beoplay P6 is almost 4 times as small as Beolit 17 and only weighs 1 kg. against 2,6 kg. This makes P6 the ideel travle companion, if you want quality sound on the go.
  • Beoplay P6 has rechargeable battery with up to 16 hours of playback (at moderate sound level) – Beolit 17 can keep your music running for up to 24 hours.
  • Beolit 17, due to its size, naturally also has more power than P6. It has a maximum power of 2×120 watts and ranges from 37-20,000 Hz to P6’s 215 watts and 55-20,000 Hz.
  • Beolit 17 has a line-in 3,5 mm jack connection.
  • Beoplay P6 has a microphone for calls and access to Voice Assistants

List prices:

Beoplay P6 list price 399€
Beolit 17 list price 499€

Beolit 17 is a discontinued product – Discover our latest update Beolit 20.
Beoplay P6 is a discontinued product – See our current range of Bang & Olufsen speakers.