Beoplay H9 3rd Gen vs. Beoplay H9i

Beoplay H9 vs. Beoplay H9i

Beoplay H9 vs. Beoplay H9i

Today we have launched an upgraded version of our most exclusive over-ear headphones H9 with a numerous new and exciting features and details.

Below you will find a description of all the new exciting and advanced features/updates: 

  • VOICE ASSISTANT: One of the most important new features of Beoplay H9 is Voice Assistant with a dedicated button. This feature lets you manage your life on the go, as your voice gives you easy access to your favorite song, latest news or local weather forecast. 
  • DEDICATED BUTTON TO VOICE ASSISTANT: Simply press and hold the dedicated voice button and your assistant is ready for you. If you do not use Voice Assistant, you can use the voice command button for commands.
  • UP TO 25 HOURS OF PLAYBACK: Beoplay H9 gives you up to 25 hours of playback so you can play music for as long as you want. The improved battery makes Beoplay H9 one of the best performing headphones on the market. Note: The battery in the H9 3rd gene. is not interchangeable like it is in H9i.
  • FOR OPTIMAL COMFORT: The ear cushions have been updated to provide even better space for the ears on the inside, increased padding on the headband makes the H9 comfortable to wear for longer, and the hidden end caps ensure a cleaner design.
  • REFINED ALUMINIUM SURFACE: Stylish details and an updated oblique edge elegantly emphasize the exclusive materials.
  • UPDATED USER INTERFACE: The user interface now includes a dedicated button for Voice Assistant, extra details in the touch area and an advanced switch for pairing on / off.

Retail prices:
Beoplay H9i retail price 500€ – Sold at a reduced price as long as it is available in stock.
Beoplay H9 retail price 500€

We hope the above information has helped to clarify what updates you find in the new Beoplay H9. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Beoplay H9 and H9i are both discontinued products – Discover our latest over-ear headphones Beoplay HX.