Beoplay E6 & E8 Motion

Beoplay E6 & E8 Motion - White


We are proud to present Beoplay E6 Motion & Beoplay E8 Motion. Stylish and fashionable in-ear headphones in a sporty design. Motion is designed for an active lifestyle and easy physical activity. The update from Beoplay E6 and Beoplay E8 2.0 are the new removable ear fins that provide an extra secure fit without compromising comfort. Ear fins and earplugs can be customised for you, so that they sit well and securely when you’re active. As something new, the Beoplay E6 Motion has a water-repellent rubber cord that makes it easy to clean your earphones after use.

We therefore look forward to offering our customers the new and sporty editions of E6 and E8, which will be available from May 23.

You can see more photos, read more about the new editions or pre-order your copy right here:

Beoplay E6 Motion Beoplay E8 Motion

We hope you are as enthusiastic as we are :o)

Recommended Retail Prices:
beoplay E6 Motion: DKK 2,300,-
beoplay E8 Motion: DKK 2,750,-