Beovision Eclipse and Beolab 50 in Piano Black

BeoVision Eclipse and BeoLab 50 in Piano Black
We are happy to present the selected products BeoLab 50 and BeoVision Eclipse in the new color Piano Black and a new aluminium cover for BeoLab 50.

Now we introduce Beovision Eclipse and Beolab 50 Piano Black with a mirrored surface in carbon black, emphasizing the elegant design and sculptural silhouette. The new aluminum front on Beolab 50 is a distinctive expression of the solid craftsmanship behind the processing, giving the speakers an even more exclusive and luxurious touch. The aluminum front of the new Beolab 50 is designed to create even greater enthusiasm for Bang & amp; Olufsen’s aluminum craftsmanship and emphasize the speaker’s strength and beauty.

BeoVision Eclipse Piano Black - blog
BeoLab 50 Piano Black - blog

The black color is associated with many different feelings from the irreversible to the mysterious. The reflective surfaces of Beovision Eclipse and Beolab 50 in Piano Black emphasize the sculptural silhouettes and the virtuoso processing – giving your home entertainment a touch of black magic.

BeoVision Eclipse - Piano Black - Closeup

Formful processing

Experience clean, visual dynamic when the sharp black glass screen intersects an organic aluminum body in Piano Black. A distinctive and clear design statement combined with the highest quality craftsmanship.

BeoVision Eclipse

BLACK IN balance

The craftsmanship and color are in complete harmony. Beolab 50 in Piano Black has undergone a number of additional anodizing and polishing cycles to make the luxuriously processed materials extra elegant. The new aluminum front underscores the depth of the black surface and sets the scene for a rich and vibrant design expression.

Experience BeoLab 50
BeoLab 50 - Piano Black - Closeup
BeoVision Eclipse  - fixed floorstand brass

New stand. New look.

Piano Black is revitalized in a sleek, new and almost floating floor, whose lines and shape are inspired by Beovision Eclipse. The lacquered base plate and arm in steel are black, while the aluminum pipe is available in either silver or brass-colored aluminum.

See the new floorstand