Beoplay H8 vs. Beoplay H8i

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Beoplay H8 vs. Beoplay H8i

Today we have launched our new wireless headphone with active noise reduction Beoplay H8i. But you probably think: “Well, what difference does the “i” make?” It’s still an on-ear headphone with active noise reduction, which by the way looks a lot like the Beoplay H8!! What’s the difference then?”. So that we will try to clarify for you here:

The new advanced features and changes are:

  • PROXIMITY SENSOR: An intelligent feature that automatically pause the sound when you take off the headphones and starts playing when you put them back on.
    Compatible with all our BT speakers. With a longer charger cable, you can use your headphones while charging.
  • IMPRESSIVE CALL QUALITY: We have added a dedicated microphone at the optimal angle and distance to improve the sound quality.
  • INCREDIBLE LIGHT: With only 215 grams, the H8i is 30 grams lighter than its predecessor.
  • TRANSPARENCY MODE: Allows you to listen to your surroundings whenever you want, with a single touch of a button. With one quick move, you can enter the world outside without removing your headphones.
  • BATTERYLIFE: Now with an impressive playing time of up to 30 hours with Bluetooth and ANC turned on. We have extended the playtime significantly with an increased battery capacity.
  • DUAL DEVICE CONNECTIVITY AND LARGE BT RANGE: You can connect your H8i wirelessly with two devices at the same time, and with an improved range, you can now stream music further from your device without interruptions.

In addition, we have made the design more simple and gave it a clean and light expression:

    – Simplified minimalistic sliding arms
    – Clean aluminiumdiscs and a smooth headband (without grooves)
    – Streamlined cabinet with fewer edges and an aluminum disc that flies with the with the cabinet
    – Elegantly integrated in the cabinet is a microphone with a single gap and active noise cancelation.

List price:

Beoplay H8i list price 399€

We hope the above informations have helped clarify what updates you find in the new Beoplay H8i. If you have any questions, you are always more than welcome to contact us at

Beoplay H8i is a discontinued product – see our current range of Bang & Olufsen headphones.