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We would like to introduce a new, exciting headphone in the B&O PLAY family: BeoPlay H7! A wireless over-ear headphone made of premium materials, with optimally balanced sound, intuitive touch interface and removable battery, so you can enjoy your music – wherever you are. The closed dynamic over-ear H7 reaches from the deepest bass to the highest treble and provides an amazing passive noise cancellation that prevents outside noise from interfering with the music, and equally, the music does not escape to the surroundings.

BeoPlay H7 is designed by Jakob Wagner, who has now designed many headphones for B&O PLAY. For Jakob Wagner the BeoPlay H7 is an expression of authenticity – honesty, while at the same time simple and sophisticated. The design is sharp, elegant and above all honest. You get what you see – both in terms of materials and features.

H7 is for music lovers and functions equally well for all genres. You get sound and comfort of the highest quality in a discreet and cool look that doesn’t mask, but supports your personal style

BeoPlay H7 has a suggested retail price of 449€

BeoPlay H7 is a discontinued product – See our current range of Bang & Olufsen headphones.