Beosound 2

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Elegant home speaker

Introducing the 3rd generation of our powerful Beosound 2. A smart speaker with an impressive 360-degree sound experience. Powerful Multiroom speaker that sounds as good as it looks. Impressive wherever you place it and however you use it.


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Beosound 2

Captivating from every angle. No matter where and how you play.

Wireless speaker with powerful 360-degree sound. Made of solid aluminum and designed for easy streaming via Chromecast Built-in, Apple AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth. Beosound 2 is a complete and beautiful Multiroom speaker that fits into any home, either freestanding on the floor or placed on low furniture.

Beosound 2 Gold Tone paa sofabord Beosound A9 - B&O

Reviews from the experts

“Listening to the Beosound 2 was one of the most unique audio experiences we’ve had. The detailed, full-bodied sound stays true to the music, while enabling you to hear your favorite songs in a way you never have before.”

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Nerd Techy

“There’s a real sense of dynamism and muscle coming out of this speaker. The bass is exaccerated and oh so satisfying.”

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The Verge

“The Beosound 1 & 2 are eye-catching, and seem designed to stand out rather than vanish into the furnishings. One nice touch, however, are the speakers’ antennae, which form short black strips on the sides to maximize the signal strength.”

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Beosound Balance vs Beosound 2
Beosound Balance black vs. Beosound 2 natural

We compare Beosound Balance and Beosound 2. Learn more about their similarities and differences and get an overview of their many smart features.

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Beosound Balance vs. Beosound 2
Weight 5,1 kg
Dimensions 56 × 28 × 29 cm

Black Anthracite, Gold Tone, Natural, Ferrari Edition

Beosound 2 - Teknisk Info

Beosound 2 3rd Gen. - Gold Tone - Produktbillede
Beosound 2
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