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A very flexible wireless speaker with soft high frequencies and an extremely intense bass that can be placed anywhere in the room without compromising on visual expression and sound quality.

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BeoLab 20 is a tribute to sublime sound. The speakers powerful and refined sound is caused by the active speaker construction and the uncompromising technology in the most advanced digital sound engine on the market. With our newest concept Immaculate Wireless Sound, you have the option to toss away your speaker cables and enjoy completely wireless music in the best quality. As well as great music you also get renewed freedom and flexibility for your homes interior decoration with the BeoLab 20.


From the iconic acoustic lens all the way down to the bottom of the conic cabinet, BeoLab 20 is the perfect combination of form and function. All elements underline the purpose and everything, from the well-balanced high frequencies using Acoustic Lens Technology to the low frequencies of two 160-watt bass units, is designed to create the perfect sound image. The icing on the cake are the feet of the cabinet which makes the speaker look as though it is floating discreetly in the air.


Complete the fantastic picture in Beovision Contour or Beovision Eclipse with the great sound from Beolab 20.


The ultimate television diserves the best sound. Give your Bang & Olufsen TV extra power with a Beolab 20 surround sound setup and dive into a universe of breath taking pictures and great sound.

Beovision Contour and Beovision Eclipse are already equipped with powerful centre speakers.
You can create an exclusive surround sound experience by combining the centre speakers with four Beolab 20 speakers.

Read more or visit our store to get a live demo of both Beovision Contour and Beovision Eclipse in combination with the exclusive and beautiful BeoLab 20.

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BeoLab 20 supports Immaculate Wireless Sound – A Bang & Olufsen’s concept for crystal clear, wireless sound that provides you with a new freedom when it comes to interior decoration. BeoLab 20 works perfectly together with all Bang & Olufsen products that hold Immaculate Wireless Sound and all other WiSA-compatible products. You only need one wire for each speaker.

BeoLab 20 is based on the WiSA-technology, which operates in the relatively unloaded part of the 5 GHz-frequency band. It delivers a crystal clear and wireless sound in a quality never experienced before – and with even fewer leads than before. BeoLab 20 can be placed wherever you want.


Immaculate Wireless Sound is characteristic for its fantastic connection opportunities. That is why BeoLab 20 can connect to all newer Bang & Olufsen Televisions and every WiSA-compatible TV or music system. You can also add a BeoLab Transmitter 1 to your TV or music system no matter the brand, making your BeoLab 20 work wirelessly with the product you prefer.


The crowning glory of the Beolab 20 is the acoustic lens. Its 180-degree horizontal spread of the sound from the treble ensures a uniform sound throughout the whole room. The acoustic lens maximises the area in front of the speaker, where sound is the best. Making it possible for the listener to move around while the sound remains perfect. The technology also minimises reflections from floor and ceiling. It reduces the unwanted distortion and maximises the sound experience.

You almost get a cinematic experience because the acoustic lens improves the sound picture, so even the smallest detail and nuance of the sound becomes a vital part of your TV-experience.


The bass’ two 160-watt class D speaker and the big 10″-unit fitted in the 18 litre cabinet on the BeoLab 20 gives a very precise and powerful adaptation of the lows. To deliver an ultra-high-intensity bass without risking woofer damage when playing full volume, Adaptive Bass Linearisation constantly monitors and adapts the lows. For maximum placement flexibility, the speaker can be optimised to its immediate surroundings via manual position switch, activating Bang & Olufsen’s innovative room adaption technology. Choose between, “free-standing”, “corner” or “wall”.

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