Freedom to choose

Leading in multiroom compatibility

In recent years, technology giants such as Apple and Google have begun to offer multiroom technologies with industry standards, and we have welcomed them with open arms as part of our promise to provide freedom of choice for our users.
Multiroom technology, based on these popular standards, offers many benefits:
  • They are compatible across brands, making it easy to enjoy your first Bang & Olufsen product as part of your existing home setup
  • The products are not tied to specific music services or apps, enabling you to continue to enjoy the user interface of the apps you prefer
  • They integrate with Smart Home features and are prepared for the very rapid development of technology and formats in this domain
  • It now increasingly includes the TV experience, a domain where we were already pioneers in the eighties
We have been leading the way in opening up to these popular technological standards. Today, we have the widest range of premium audio and video products compatible with AirPlay 2 and Chromecast in the market, and we are working to become more compliant with even more standards.
It is at the heart of our DNA as a company that guarantees the best user experience by showing the way for new concepts and by integrating what the industry has to offer in a unique way.

AirPlay 2

AirPlay 2 - forklaring
  • Services: With AirPlay 2, you are not limited to specific services. Use your favorite first-party app to start the music.
  • Multiroom: Apple’s AirPlay 2 integration makes it easy to start playing music to one or more speakers from any app on your Apple device. Add music to other AirPlay 2 speakers, turn the volume up or down individually or collectively, either from your Apple device or using Siri.
  • Sound on TV: Your TV can easily become part of the AirPlay 2 multiroom by connecting Apple TV 4 or 4K.
  • Smart Home: Use Siri and HomeKit to distribute audio throughout the home, manage your smart home devices and set up automation for e.g. to start the music automatically when you come home.
  • Across brands: Expand your system with devices that support AirPlay 2.

Demands for AirPlay 2


Chromecast - Forklaring
  • Services: With Chromecast, you’re not limited to specific services. Use your favorite first-party app to start the music.
  • Multiroom: Chromecast is a widespread standard for both Android and iOS, allowing you to play music on either a single speaker or a defined multiroom group directly from a first-party app.
    • Create Chromecast speaker groups to play music in multiple rooms
    • Control the music in the various rooms of your home using a first-party app or your voice
  • Sound on TV: Play music or video directly through the Chromecast dongle connected to your TV, or add the Chromecast dongle to a multiroom group to include your TV in the multiroom experience.
  • Smart Home: Google Assistant allows you to perform both simple and advanced tasks simply with your voice. Set timers, add appointments to your calendar, turn on the coffee maker, or ask to hear your favorite song.
  • Across brands: Expand your system with devices that support Chromecast.

Demands for Chromecast

Since 1982, the BeoLink concept has made it possible to use Bang & Olufsen products in several rooms at once. Already then, B&O worked with user cases for what is now commonly known as “multiroom” almost 40 years later.
The B&O multiroom solution and the ecosystem we have introduced – under the name “Bang & Olufsen Multiroom” – have some obvious advantages, but also some limitations. We offer a multiroom experience where design, sound, craftsmanship and ease of use are paramount.
Read more about Bang & Olufsen Multiroom here:

Bang & Olufsen Multiroom

Bang & Olufsen Multiroom - Forklaring
  • Services: With Bang & Olufsen Multiroom you are limited to specific services. Use Deezer to listen to music or TuneIn to listen to radio.
  • Multiroom: Bang & Olufsen Multiroom makes it easy to play music to one or more speakers from your device.
  • Features:
    • Add music to other Bang & Olufsen speakers
    • Turn each speaker up or down individually or collectively
    • Play the same or different music directly from the same device
    • The Bang & Olufsen App can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play
  • Across brands: With Bang & Olufsen Multiroom you are limited to multiroom products from Bang & Olufsen. So you do not have the opportunity to play music / radio on non-B&O products.